Five Tips ​on Remaining Connected with Your Teen:


  1. Tell them you love them randomly several times a day.
  2. When they are in need of feedback, let them know that you only want good things for them.
  3. Say something encouraging each day. They still need your positive feedback.
  4. Reminisce about your favorite memories of them.
  5. Let them hear you talking positively about them to someone else.
  6. Bonus- My teen says sharing your stories about your childhood and mistakes that you have made is a good way to connect. This helps them realize that you too have made mistakes. (being sure to leave out judgments because if they have done this -unbeknownst to you- they may feel like you would think they are bad).


Teens may act like they don’t care anymore, but they still do. These five tips will let them know that they are loved and valued by you. They don’t automatically know what we are thinking about them, and they need to be reminded often. Let your voice in their head be a positive voice.

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